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The Ultimate Publishing House – UPH is a complete book publishing firm specializing in non fiction, fiction and ebooks. As a book publishing and marketing consulting firm our focus and expertise is branding and publishing as the two go hand in hand when it comes to the broad applications a published book offers professionals and small businesses in virtually any field or industry. Our comprehensive book publishing programs is what makes us one of the best book publishers in North America. Through the Ultimate Author Program, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners are able to firmly establish instant credibility, visibility, distinction and multiple sources of income. All our book publishing programs include a mastermind session, project manager, manuscript analysis, professional ghostwriter, five phases of editing, distribution, marketing, publicity, media coaching, printing and much more in order to help create a bestseller not to mention the book is ready in less than six months! UPH is here to make your book publishing dreams come true!

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