Felicia Pizzonia

Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker
Felicia Pizzonia is a partner in Ultimate Publishing House (UPH), where she enjoys the role of being a book publisher with an edge. For over a decade she has helped thousands of people realize the power they can harness through publishing a book to help brand their expertise. With a massively successful track record in sales and marketing, Felicia and her team help take UPH authors and elevate them to an international level of promotion. She has a particularly keen eye and passion for non-fiction books that cover a wide variety of subjects including anti-aging medicine, health, finance, personal development, and all areas of business. The UPH team also publishes high quality children’s books, e-books, and audio books.

In addition to her work at UPH, Felicia is a best-selling author of multiple books, and has traveled the world as a coach in sales training and mind conditioning. She is the founder of the Science of Closing Sales (www.scienceofclosingsales.com), a sales training company that educates sales teams and sales executives through a unique, comprehensive, and creative program based on mind conditioning coupled with a scientific approach to selling. The outcomes have been proven game-changers for many people in sales-related fields, leading to measurable results proven through increased revenue. Felicia hosts seminars on goal setting and book publishing, and presents her signature talk entitled “Mind Candy – How to program the subconscious mind to achieve any goal.” She also conducts workshops, and is known for “Write Your Way to Profits,” which reveals how to get your book complete in eight weeks and how to use a book as the ultimate marketing tool.

Felicia recognized her passion for entrepreneurship at a very young age when she created a business plan in high school. Her desire to inspire others compelled her to write her first book, Babes in Business Suits: Success Secrets of the Top Women Entrepreneurs of the World (2009). Some of her other recent titles include: Great Canadian Franchise Stories, North America’s Top Doctors, and Delicious Words: the Power of the Spoken Word and Sales Psychology. Her latest book, Mind Candy: How to Program the Subconscious Mind to Achieve Any Goal (2018), is a fresh perspective and approach to recognizing the potential of a mind trained for success. It shares Felicia’s own formulas that she has established throughout her life and career, and now others are benefiting from the smart and strategic information with a unique twist.

The honor of working with many greats in the personal development circle has both inspired and compelled Felicia to help others. She has enjoyed the privilege of working closely with Bob Proctor, a well-known philosopher and motivational speaker, and Dr. John Demartini, the world’s top teacher in human potential. She has also worked alongside some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs including Anthony Robbins, Michael Wekerle, Bob Ellis, and Dini Petty.

Felicia is a firm believer in giving back through helping inspire others. As a part of this commitment, she is honored to sit on the board of Get fit, Eat right, Live life (GELtogether.org), a federal not-for-profit organization educating kids and teens on healthy initiatives and the child obesity campaign.